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Polygon: What you should know about the Hulu streaming service.

What you’re seeing right now isn’t going to last.

We’re just going to have to wait and see if it can be any good.

If you’re a Hulu streamer, you know what’s coming up.

Hulu has announced the release of the first episode of the upcoming Disney Channel comedy series HumpDay!

in October.

You can watch the first hour of the series on Hulu right now.

The Hulu stream is just one part of Hulu’s strategy to stream original shows and movies.

The streaming service also announced plans to bring new original series to the platform, including The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Lego Movie, and The Flash.

In the video above, Hulu CEO and President of Product Chris Carr lays out what he sees as the “key challenges” that Hulu is facing as it prepares to bring more original content to the service.

While Hulu is in a “very unique” position right now, he said, it has to be a different kind of platform because it’s “going to be the one that gets the most people on the Internet.”

“That’s the challenge that we have as we build out our product, because we’re going to be doing a lot of original programming, but we’re also going to want to be able to reach those who are going to subscribe to our services,” Carr said.

“And so if we can do both, that’s what we’re trying to do.

So we’re not trying to be in the middle of the middle.

We want to have the best possible experience for those people, but at the same time we want to get them the best content.”

Hulu is launching Humpday!

in theaters in November.

It stars Matthew Broderick, James Franco, and Megan Fox as two brothers trying to raise money for their friend’s funeral, who died suddenly of a drug overdose.

The show will follow the brothers on a road trip in search of a friend who died of a mysterious disease, as well as a group of friends and family.

The brothers have a very different relationship than they had before they met, as they’ve both experienced death.

Hulu said HumpDays will be its first original series and it will feature a cast of new voices.

The network said that it is planning to expand its original programming lineup, including a “big announcement coming soon.”

Hulk Hogan will also star in the new show.

Hump Day!

is scheduled to air on Hulu starting on Nov. 13.

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