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— A Georgia streamer has announced she will not go to Maine’s beaches this summer, citing the threat of an outbreak of coronavirus.

Kayla Eubanks said in a Facebook post she was staying at a friend’s house in Atlanta because she wanted to protect her family’s health.

Eubank said she will also not go out with her friends.

Eubanks’ decision was widely shared on social media.

She said she does not have the energy to travel the rest of the summer with her family and has already made arrangements for a flight to Atlanta on Monday.

Her post was widely criticized for the lack of transparency, including her choice of a friend for the trip and her apparent disregard for the risk of an epidemic on the Georgia coast.

The post, which has more than 5,000 shares, was deleted soon after it was published.

It was unclear why the post was deleted.

On Sunday, Gov.

Nathan Deal, a Republican, said there was no need to visit Maine.

The governor said people should go to other states.

Deal, who has a strong record on protecting the health of Georgians, also said Maine could not have stopped the spread of the disease if it had not been there.

Eugene S. Robinson, a University of Georgia professor, said Eubinks decision to stay at home was a poor choice and a sign that many people did not feel safe to travel outside of their homes.

The decision to leave her home in Atlanta will have serious implications for her health and the health and well-being of her family, Robinson said.

She said it was very troubling to hear about Eubinsky’s decision to cancel her trip.

Eubs decision is a sad reminder that the health risks are not only for people who are already sick but for people at risk of catching this pandemic, Robinson added.

I would have expected more of her, but that’s not what happened, he said.

She went into the woods and stayed there.

I don’t think that is what her decision was.

She is taking a risk and she should have taken the opportunity to go to Atlanta and see her family.

Georgia is not the only state in the South to be at risk.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday that more than 100 cases of coronas are expected in South Carolina and Tennessee over the next few days.

The U.S. Centers for Diseases Control and Research says more than 3,000 people are at high risk for the virus, including at least two pregnant women.

Georgia Gov.

Deal has also said there will be no public beach visits this summer.

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