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The Irish Daily Telegraph on Saturday published a story about a tweet by an anti-Semitic tweeter, which it said was written on February 5, 2017, a day before the murder of journalist Naomi Klein.

The story said the tweet read: “This is the time to kill Jews.

If you don’t, the next time they do, we’ll shoot them again.”

In the article, the writer said he was upset about Klein’s work and was trying to “dance” the Jewish Holocaust story.

The article said the writer had been using the hashtag #JudaismIsForWhitePeople, a reference to the anti-Semitism in the Jewish religion.

The tweet was not deleted from the account, but the tweet has since been removed.

An account called @AntisemiticTweet has since used the same hashtag.

The Twitter account has more than 8,000 followers.

A Twitter spokesperson told The Irish Mail Online the account was “a troll” and that the account owner is not currently using the Twitter platform.

The Daily Telegraph said it is a “troll-ridden” account.

It also said it has spoken to the account’s account owner, who has said he is “trying to stop it”.

“We’re taking action against this account and are investigating further,” a spokesperson for the newspaper said.

Their actions are not against us, they’re against our culture and our way of life.” “

The anti Semites are the ones who want to destroy our culture.

Their actions are not against us, they’re against our culture and our way of life.”

A spokesperson for New York’s newspaper said it does not comment on individual accounts.

The Telegraph is owned by the New Jersey-based Associated Press.

The reporter said in a statement: “In this instance I wanted to take a shot at anti Semitic sentiment and in this instance, it was not.

The Jewish community has endured the Holocaust many times.

This is the same thing.”

The Daily Beast said in an article published on Saturday that it did not receive the tweet.

It said it reached out to the Twitter account to “discuss this issue”.

The tweet had been written by a user named @Anticompetitive, who identified himself as a member of the New Black Panther Party.

The group said on Twitter that the tweet was deleted on January 4, 2017.

The spokesperson for @Antispetitive said he “never wrote any anti-Semitic tweets” and added that he had deleted the account “in protest”.

“I don’t believe there was any real intent to hurt anyone,” the spokesperson said.

“This was just a fun exercise.”

The spokesman said @Antipetitive “never responded” to his requests for comment.

He also told The Daily Caller he did not have the account to verify the account name.

“I didn’t use the account until January, so it’s been inactive for about six months,” he said.

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