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In a sign of the times, French media have made the historic leap from paid to free access.

The new live event, which starts on Sunday, has been launched by French state broadcaster RTS as part of the government’s efforts to counter the spread of online terrorism.

The broadcaster is expected to show live coverage at around 100 stations across the country, and on Sunday evening, it will also be shown on the main screen of France’s new high-definition television (HDTV).

It will be the first live event in France to be available to anyone who does not pay for it.

The programme will be streamed in English on RTS’s website and at around 800 French channels, including on mobile.

RTS says the aim is to “break the news and the silence of extremists”.

The event, organised by the European Network of Social Networks (ENDS) is expected, among other things, to raise awareness of the death of Martin Louis King, a US civil rights leader who was killed in 1968 during a protest at the Eiffel Tower.

A major event in the French history of the country has been marred by the rise of extreme right parties, with far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen and her National Front (FN) winning the recent election in a landslide.

However, the new show is not the first to air live from France.

Last year, a live TV show from the country’s largest news agency, Le Monde, featured French President Emmanuel Macron, who was also a presidential candidate in the 2014 presidential election, on the same channel.

The show, which was not paid for, aired a video of Macron’s arrival in France after a visit to Paris.

On the new TV event, RTS has enlisted a number of French journalists to report live on the channel.

It also hopes to show the live coverage to more people, which has not been possible before.

“The goal is to break the silence, to break all the barriers and all the silences that have been created by online terrorism,” RTS president Laurent Beguin told journalists at a news conference.

The goal of the event is to put the spotlight on a topic that is already at the heart of France, which is very important, Beguins added.

He hopes that, once the show has been shown live, the focus will shift to the fight against terrorism.

RTV’s announcement follows a series of moves by the government and the media to tackle extremism online.

In August, it launched a new digital network called Équipe, which aims to bring together local journalists to monitor, identify and prevent online extremism, and to offer more transparency about how such attacks occur.

A month later, it unveiled an initiative that aims to prevent online hate speech.

In October, it started to show films and television programmes by French actors in France.

In the first two months of 2017, the government also established a new “counter-terrorism” unit, which will focus on the fight online and tackle terrorist propaganda.

The move has been praised by many as a “courageous” move that will help tackle the online threat, and be seen as a significant step towards the long-term goal of “breaking the silence”.

But the government has also faced criticism for not doing more to fight online extremism in a way that will allow it to continue its own strategy.

In January, the president of the French association of television broadcasters, Alain Fénéreux, said he believed the government should be more proactive in its online counter-terrorism efforts.

“In the last two years, the number of terrorist threats has risen significantly,” Fénèreux told French broadcaster BFM TV.

“It’s clear that the government is doing nothing.”

RTS, which already broadcasts some French news, is expected on Sunday to launch its live coverage with a video showing Macron, as well as other major politicians, in Paris.

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