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Mainstream TV has been in full force in this episode.

First, the hosts discuss the sexual assaults in Sweden, with former NBA star Jahlil Okafor (who starred on the HBO series Real Sports) calling the perpetrators “superpredators.”

Then, host Bill Simmons opens up about the “fake news” he saw online about the shooting of Philando Castile (the Dallas officer who was fatally shot by police on August 6), as well as his experience with anti-Semitism.

He then brings on “mainstream” stars like Will Smith, who talks about how “I don’t think the mainstream media is really fair,” and says “I know a lot of people who are very passionate about their politics, but they’re not really listening to them.”

Meanwhile, “main stream” hosts like Bill Maher and Laura Ingraham continue to criticize the media for “pandering to the white middle class” while also criticizing the Democrats for “trying to sell a phony alternative to capitalism.”

“The point is, the mainstream is really a big problem,” Maher says.

“The left is basically trying to sell them this thing, which is a lie.

They want to sell you a fake alternative to a lie.”

Meanwhile “main street” hosts Chris Matthews and Michael Savage discuss the “white privilege” they’ve encountered at the hands of police officers, and discuss the impact of mass incarceration on black communities.

The show concludes with “anti-establishment” rapper A$AP Rocky discussing how “we have to stop being silent about white supremacy.”

Watch the full episode above.

“I am so angry.

I’m so angry,” said one viewer of the show, who claimed she had been harassed online by someone claiming to be “an FBI agent.”

“I’m angry at the mainstream, angry at Hollywood, angry in this country, angry everywhere, and angry at ourselves.

You can’t win this war, America,” she added.

“This is the only way to make a change.”

Watch “main stage” on MTV News below:

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