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Mainstream streams are slowly making a comeback thanks to streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Hulu.

But these platforms are not the only places where viewers can find a new streamer every week.

In a year full of great shows, it’s hard to say what’s going to make the biggest splash on the streaming landscape.

Below are the five best new streams that you can watch right now.1.

“Aatrox” by AatroxThe popular rapper and producer is now streaming his album, “AaTrox,” on Twitch.

This new release comes just a week after his first album, AaTrax, debuted on iTunes and Spotify.

Fans can stream his new album right now on Aatrax’s official channel.

Aatox’s music is already well-received by fans, and his music has garnered positive reviews from critics.

A new song is scheduled to drop on December 12, and the stream will be available for free for a few hours.2.

“WTF Happens Tonight” by WTF Happen TonightThe rapper and DJ sets his music to a beat that is similar to the sound of an electric guitar.

WTF is the catchphrase for the song, and fans are going to have to wait a few more days before it drops on December 13.

The video is still being shot, but the stream is set to be available to stream for free.3.

“Goddess” by GoddessThe rapper-DJ duo, Goddesses, recently collaborated on an exclusive track for The Game’s upcoming album, Drown.

The track will be the first single off the album, and will be released on December 14.

Fans will have to stay tuned for the track’s release, but it’s definitely worth checking out.4.

“Laughing Man” by Laughing ManThe rapper/DJ duo Grouplove released a new song on March 6, and it’s coming out soon.

Fans are going the extra mile to get their hands on this exclusive track.

Grouplerove has already released two songs off his upcoming album: “Amen” and “Pillow Talk.”

Fans can watch the new track right now via GrouPlove’s official YouTube channel.5.

“Boomerang” by BoomerangThis rapper- DJ duo from New Orleans is coming out with a new track on January 15.

The song, “Bomber,” is a song that was previously featured on the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

Fans don’t have to worry about it dropping until February 11, but there is a chance that fans will be able to get it on January 19.6.

“Crazy” by CrazyThis artist from Los Angeles has been making headlines lately.

The two-time Grammy winner has released a song called “Crazed,” and fans can now stream it right now at Crazy’s official Facebook page.

Fans of the song are already looking forward to getting their hands and feet on the track.7.

“My Girl” by My GirlThis artist has been releasing music on YouTube for years.

In 2017, fans are now getting to see his songs on Spotify.

It’s time for him to make some big waves in the streaming music world.

Fans may not be able see the track, but they’ll be able stream the song right now through the official YouTube account.8.

“Empire” by EmpireThis rapper and actor/actress from Toronto is making headlines again.

The rapper/actor was recently nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, but he’s not yet releasing music.

Fans won’t be able watch his new track until February 5, but fans will still be able get in on the fun.9.

“Virus” by VirusThis artist is known for his smooth delivery, but his latest album, Virus, has a new album cover that is a perfect match for his voice.

Fans should be able check out the new album soon on Virus’s official website.10.

“Love” by LoveThis rapper/actrix from Los Feliz has been streaming his music for years, and now he’s releasing his new single, “Love.”

Fans are now looking forward for the new single’s release.

The album is expected to drop in January, but streaming is only available for a limited time.11.

“Tiny” by TinyThe rapper known for being a member of The Game has released new music on Soundcloud.

Fans now have a chance to check out Tiny’s new single “Tin Roof,” which will be on the official Soundcloud app.12.

“Penny Lane” by Penny LaneA rapper from Atlanta has recently released a music video for “Pork.”

Fans should definitely check it out right now, and they’ll get the chance to see the new song when it drops in January.13. “Chloe”

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