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Breitbart News has learned that the ADL is warning members of the alt-right and white nationalists to take precautions following the publication of an article by Janna Main Streamer, a pornstar who is currently being investigated for allegedly violating an anti-discrimination law.

Mainstream Media reported that Mainstream News Group, a major porn company owned by Mainstream Press, was in the process of filing a discrimination complaint against Mainstream, saying that Main Stream was using the incident to pressure Mainstream into removing Mainstream from its roster.

MainStream has not responded to Breitbart News’ request for comment.

The company told Mainstream that MainStream’s legal team “is investigating the matter and will be filing a statement shortly.”

The ADL’s latest threats to Mainstream come on the heels of a January 25 article published by MainStream which featured photos of MainStream in various states of undress and featured her as a woman in her 20s, a position that she has since clarified on her website.

MainPool has not yet responded to requests for comment from Breitbart News.

The article, titled “Females in Porn,” claimed that MainPool had been “forced” to remove MainStream because of Mainstream’s stance on transgender issues, but MainStream is not the only porn company that Main pool is being investigated over.

In March 2017, the AVN announced that it was investigating MainStream, claiming that Main Pool had a “history of inappropriate behavior” that included sex with underage boys and underage girls.

The AVN also claimed that “mainstream porn is being censored,” although MainStream denied that Mainpool had ever censored anything.

The AVN is not alone in this crackdown on MainStream.

In October 2017, a group of prominent white nationalist and anti-semitic organizations called the Alt-Right Coalition accused MainStream of violating the Anti Defamation League (ADL)’s anti-Semitism laws.

The ADLS has previously reported instances of MainPool violating anti-Israel laws.

In a statement on their website, MainStream wrote that “ADL’s threat of criminal prosecution is a blatant attempt to silence MainStream for the simple reason that it stands against anti-Jewish bigotry.”

“This baseless smear is completely devoid of fact and will continue to fail in its attempt to intimidate MainStream into withdrawing MainStream from its current roster,” MainStream said.

“MainStream is an organization that has not only defended the rights of its members to be themselves and express themselves, but also has fought for the rights and safety of all its viewers and partners.”

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