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Maine is the first state to offer a financial stream financing model.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Maine Streams announced that it has received $10 million in a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Science Foundation.

The stream financing will be used to help fund the development of innovative and high-quality local television and radio channels.

The grant, which was awarded to Maine Stream in April, will support the network’s development of a stream-to-digital service that will allow for streaming content to a user’s smartphone and desktop computers.

This will allow the state to expand its local TV and radio services.

“Maine has long been known for its innovative media, including local radio, television, and the arts, but it is our desire to continue to create opportunities for new, innovative content creators and local businesses in Maine,” said Scott P. Cauchy, chairman of the Maine State Council of Broadcasting.

“We have always been able to offer creative, creative-focused channels to our audiences, but we need to expand the number of channels we can offer and make Maine a more welcoming place for all of our viewers and creators.”

The Maine Stream financing was announced as part of a partnership with the U of T’s Broadcasters Association, which includes the U, the University of Toronto, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and Dentistry, the Maine College of Dental Medicine, and more than 50 local and regional broadcasters.

The new funding will be split between the state’s two largest local TV networks, the City of Portland and the Town of Portland.

The City of Maine will use the money to expand Portland’s local TV network, the Portland Public Television.

In addition to the two Maine stream networks, Portland Public will have its own broadcast partner, Portland-based Fox TV, to create a local television channel that will include local content and news.

“The State of Maine has long supported and developed a network of local television, radio, and arts channels, but the network has not been fully realized,” said State of Montana Commissioner of Communications and Media John Stauffer.

“Our new partnership with Fox TV will give us the resources and expertise to build a network that will connect our communities to the best local programming in the state.

The public will have access to a range of local programming, from sports to entertainment, and this partnership will be the perfect complement to our state’s vibrant and vibrant local television networks.””

The stream-based financing model is an important step toward establishing a robust, local television network in Maine and creating more local TV opportunities across the state,” said Bill K. Bicknell, executive director of the New England Network.

“In addition to stream-in-place delivery, stream-through-cloud delivery will be an important aspect of this effort, enabling us to deliver local TV content and information to our customers in the form of streaming media on the go.”

The state is expected to launch its new television service in the spring.

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