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The biggest player in New England television has lost $1 million after being banned from broadcasting on its main stream.

A judge found on Thursday that Main Stream Media was not liable for the $1,200 it had spent on legal fees to fight a $1m defamation lawsuit brought by a local news station.

Key points:A judge dismissed a defamation case against Main Stream mediaThe judge found that the company was not legally liable for $1million in damagesThe judge also ruled that the plaintiff could not sue Main Stream for defamation.

The plaintiff had argued that Mainstream had defamed the plaintiff by falsely reporting he had been diagnosed with a rare condition called primary syphilis.

The New England Regional Court of Appeals has since upheld the judge’s decision.

A statement issued by Mainstream said it was disappointed with the decision, but that the court was right to reject Mainstream’s claim of negligence.

“We remain confident that Main Street is a fair and legitimate business,” the statement said.

“The court did not reach the merits of the plaintiff’s claims.”

The company said it had paid its legal costs to Main Street Media.

A lawyer representing the plaintiff, Jeff Turetsky, told the Associated Press that the decision was disappointing because Main Street had been trying to collect the $750,000 it was owed.

“It was not clear that the money was owed until the day the judge ruled in their favour,” Mr Tureky said.

“I think this ruling is a big setback for Main Street because they’ve been pursuing it all the way to the Supreme Court and they’re still waiting for it.”

Mr Turekty said he was considering his options.

“They could try to appeal the decision and we’re hoping that the Supreme Ct (Supreme Court of New England) will uphold it,” he said.


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