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Maine is a big, busy state for Mainers.

This year, we had the largest primary in the history of Maine.

We had more than 12,000 caucus sites, and more than 1,300 caucuses.

But we also had a lot of upsets.

The results were pretty disappointing.

The primary is over.

And now the caucuses are set.

What’s next?

The Mainers have two weeks to plan for the next four weeks.

If you haven’t already, you can learn more about how to caucus in Maine, and where you can caucus in your state.

We’re also giving you a chance to watch a video from last week’s Maine caucus.

What is it?

This video will give you a sense of the campaign in Maine as the primary season continues.

This is an audio version of the video.

The video shows how you can vote in Maine in the upcoming election.

You can listen to it on the Mainstream Media app or your mobile device.

What we have learned The 2016 presidential primary season was a big mess for Mainlanders.

There were multiple big ups and downs in the primary.

But this year, Mainers were able to plan ahead for the caucus season, and the results were encouraging.

We learned a lot about how Maineers voted in 2016.

Here are some of the things we learned: The primary was about choice.

As a result, we saw a lot more people show up to caucus.

In fact, there were more people voting for the Republican candidate than the Democratic candidate.

It was an exciting time to be a Mainlander.

The Republican candidate had a very good day in the state.

There was not one negative thing said about Donald Trump in the polls.

People were enthusiastic about him.

People had a great time on caucus night.

I’m very pleased with the results.

I have no doubt that our Democratic candidate will do even better in the next two weeks.

This was a close primary.

As you can see, it was close.

It may have been close in Maine and it was also close in the Midwest, but we saw some of our most passionate, passionate supporters in the states where we were winning.

This will not be repeated.

We did not have a good showing in Iowa, but the Democratic primary was closer than the Republican primary.

This shows that people are passionate about their choices and their candidate.

We got a lot out of caucuses in Maine.

And I’m really proud of the people who did caucus.

They showed up to vote and they showed up at the polls and they got out there and cast their votes.

That’s what Mainlanders do.

This primary season did not go as well as we had hoped.

We have to do better.

We need to be more vigilant.

There is no denying that this was a tough primary season.

The Mainlanders were not able to get out and vote on caucus day, and there were still a lot to be done before the caucus results were announced.

But I think that we’ve learned a great deal about how we vote in the primaries and how we plan for caucuses in the future.

I know we’ve got a long way to go before we can move forward and take the next steps.

This election was a long one.

It will be a long year.

But it was a very important one.

If we all work together to make sure we win the next three months, then we will be the most prosperous country in the world.

And it will be our most prosperous and safe country.

Thank you.

The State of Maine

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