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The theme park in South Dakota where the movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was filmed is looking to make the most of the iconic space battles.

The theme parks “Starwalker” and “Star Tours” are currently filming in South Dakotas, and the parks theme park is also planning to add a Star Wars-themed roller coaster to one of the rides.

The park’s new theme park will have a different version of Luke Skywalker’s “Star Walk” ride, a ride that is currently used in “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

According to a release, “Starwalk” will be one of several attractions that the theme park plans to expand in the future, including a new attraction called “StarWarsThe Force Awakens.”

“StarWalk” is a new ride that will take guests into a Star Destroyer’s cockpit to see what it’s like to be piloting one of Star Wars’ iconic ships, and then they’ll be able to jump into the cockpit and interact with the pilot and crew of the ship, who are in real life.

This new ride is expected to be released in 2019.

The Star Wars theme park was founded in 1999, but has only been in operation for a few months, according to a report by the website.

The South Dakota park is one of a few theme parks that have been looking to expand since Disney purchased the theme parks rights to the franchise.

The parks “Adventureland” and the theme of Disney’s “Aladdin” were also added to “Star Travels” and now they’re planning to open new attractions.

According to the release, these new rides will be “inspired by the films of George Lucas, Star Wars and Pixar, as well as some of Disney Parks most popular characters.”

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