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The following are questions and answers from a survey conducted by the National Institute of Mainstream Media about how to make “main stream” accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


What are the most important characteristics to make an account on these social networks?

This is the most common question that we get asked.

It’s a good place to start.

The most important characteristic for an account is the quality of the content, the number of followers, and the presence of other people sharing the same topic.

The first three are usually the most crucial.


How do you get a user to create a profile?

This might seem simple, but it is not.

There are many different ways to make your account “mainstream.”

This might be through a blog post, a photo, a video, or a video from an existing social media page.

The important thing is to provide a “hook” to get a “follower.”

For example, you could put a link in your Facebook status update that says, “Hey, this is my blog.”

Or, you can have your followers share links to your blog.


What do you do if you get feedback from a user about the quality or relevance of your content?

You need to be careful not to spam your account, as this can be seen as spamming.

You can always tell if a user is sharing your content by looking at their avatar or a similar profile picture.


What is the impact of the quality and relevance of the posts that you post?

What kind of content is being shared, and why?

The most impactful posts can be the most liked.

This is especially true when your posts are shared by people who have already made a friend or other relationships.

This can be done by providing a link to the post in their Facebook status updates, or by posting it in a comment section of a news story.

You also want to make sure that the content is relevant to your target audience.

You could post an article on how to create your own brand to help people find a job.

You might post an informational article about a product or service.

You would also want people to leave positive reviews, even if they’re not necessarily a “star” or a “fan.”


What if a friend is an influencer on your site?

This will be important for the success of your new “main streams” account.

You need that friend’s permission to post on your page, so if he’s an influencers friend, you should be able to do the same.

For example: A friend who is an author might write an article about how you can make your own content look cool.

If the content doesn’t look as cool as he wrote it, it won’t be shared.

You’d want to give him a heads up about the potential for people to read his work.

This could include giving a link or a contact form.

If it’s not as well-received as you might want, or if he is not a big influencer, then it may be hard for him to create an account.


How long do you think it takes for a new “Main Stream” to reach 10,000 followers?

This depends on how many people you reach, how many followers you have, and how active your posts get.

It will depend on how much time and effort you put into the posts and the content.


What about “Mainstream” content?

If you post content from a friend’s blog, you might see some negative reviews and the “main” comment section.

That may make you question whether it is worth your time to create that profile, and if so, how long does it take?

We recommend that you wait a few weeks after you start to post content on your blog before posting it on a main stream social network.


Can I have a “main livestream” account on a Facebook page?

The answer is yes, but only if you are following the Facebook rules.

If you have more than 500 followers on a page, then you can create a mainstream account on that page.

You will be able use your mainstream profile to promote your posts on Facebook.

However, you will not be able post any news from your main stream account.


Is it possible to create multiple “main feeds” on Facebook?

Yes, but you need to follow the Facebook Rules for Mainstream Content.

For more information on the rules, see the Facebook article about Facebook Rules.


What’s a main feed?

A main stream is a site where you can post all kinds of content, from news to photos to videos.

It could be about a specific topic or a news event, or about a particular person.

It also might include a video and a link.

There’s no such thing as a “top feed.”

You can create multiple posts and make multiple main streams.

You’ll need to have an active audience to do this.

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