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French streamers have been doing what they do best: breaking news.

Butque, who is known for breaking news on the web, announced Tuesday that he will be launching his own online news outlet, NewsBlur.

Butque will debut with a few hundred followers on Twitter.

He will also share updates on his daily life and his goals in life.

“I am doing something new and exciting,” Butque told CNN in an interview.

“I am really excited about this.

I think I can become a huge success.”

He told CNN that he has never been on television before, but said that he plans to start by streaming news on his own channel.

“My goal is to make the most out of my channel and to show what I can do, to get as many viewers as possible, but also to give you my personal perspective,” he said.

“To see what I go through every day, I think this will be a great way to do it.”

The move to Twitter follows a similar move by French news channel France 24.

A few weeks ago, the French channel released an article featuring a photo of Butque on a beach and captioned, “A young French stream, Butque.

His passion for the web and his desire to do something new.

What a talent.”

The photo was shared more than 10,000 times on Twitter and led to the news channel’s decision to hire Butque for a new show.

The news outlet also posted a video of Butte on its website.

On Tuesday, Butte said that his new outlet will focus on breaking news and breaking news breaking news, but he didn’t say how many of his followers will follow his channel or what their jobs will be.

“What I want to do is give you a glimpse of what I am like, the people that I am and the way I am thinking,” he told CNN.

“And to give them the opportunity to get on with their lives and do things that they really want to be doing.”

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“We are trying to make this new outlet something more, something new that they can be proud of, something to be proud about, something that we can be more proud of.”

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