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The biggest question about the 2017 blockbuster Sombra has to do with its soundtrack, which is by none other than Kendrick Lamar.

According to the official synopsis, the film features “the music of legendary hip-hop artist and producer Lamar.”

But who is that producer?

Is this the same one who brought Kendrick Lamar’s album, DAMN.?

Lamar’s name is listed on the credits for this film’s release, but it’s not clear if that’s Lamar or his production company, A-Trak, who worked on the soundtrack.

So, is Lamar the one behind the music for the film?

Is he even the director of the film or is it someone else?

Or maybe it’s the other way around.

According the synopsis, Sombrra is a “story about two girls on a quest to find their own identity as they navigate the treacherous world of the underground rap game.”

So if this is Lamar, the “voice of a character,” then he’s definitely the one responsible for this soundtrack.

Lamar has been rumored to be involved in the production of Sombranas own music.

If this is the same producer who made Kendrick Lamars album, that could explain how Lamar could have possibly been involved.

And what if the movie is about the people on the other side of the game, like the drug dealers?

Or the rappers who use the game to their advantage?

Lamar may not be involved at all, but he could still be in the film.

The film’s trailer has Lamar as a character in it, so he may or may not actually be involved.

In addition, Kendrick Lamar recently posted a photo of himself with his wife, Kylie Jenner, which seems to confirm he’s involved in this film.

Lamar’s wife also recently made an appearance in a Snapchat video, so we’re not entirely sure what’s going on here.

Still, there’s no denying that Lamar is involved in Sombras music.

Lamar is the most well-known rapper in the world and his music is the soundtrack for countless films and television shows.

But is he the one who actually created the music?

It’s hard to tell.

It’s unclear whether or not Lamar’s production company is involved with the film’s soundtrack.

If Lamar is in the picture, then we might be looking at the same guy who created the film, or it could be someone else.

But who?

If we have to go back to the movie’s trailer, we can find some clues about this.

In the trailer, Lamar is seen dancing around on a balcony.

He also appears to be holding a guitar, which makes sense since his music has been featured on many other rap albums.

We know that Kendrick Lamar is a producer, so why not the production team behind this film?

Lamar has a reputation as one of the biggest rappers in the game.

It would be a huge surprise if he wasn’t involved in some way with the music in this movie.

The music in Sommras movie is also a huge part of the story, and it could explain why Lamar’s music is featured prominently.

Lamar also appears in a music video for the song “All the Way.”

That song, which was produced by The Weeknd, features an instrumental that sounds very much like the one that Lamar uses on Sombricas song “Pillowtalk.”

So why does Lamar make such a big deal about this soundtrack?

One thing we can be certain of is that this film is about two people on a journey to find themselves.

If the film is a tribute to the people who use Sombraneas music as their “voice,” then Lamar may have something to say about it.

And, as we’ve said before, that’s what makes Lamar one of rap’s most popular artists.

This could explain the film making process.

When the film was first announced, it was revealed that Lamar was in the middle of a music project.

We now know that Lamar did not direct the film at all.

And if Lamar was involved, it’s likely that he wasn: he could be the producer behind this movie, and the producers are always the most visible.

This is also the only film that’s been released so far that’s directed by an African American.

But the fact that Lamar’s musical career is the subject of this film may also be the reason he was not involved in its creation.

It also means that Lamar may be making a statement about the music industry by making a movie about it, and that’s something we don’t often see in the entertainment industry.

If we want to see more movies like this, we need to find more films that focus on the artists who make their music.

Theres always the possibility that Lamar does not even know who produced this film or even that this is his film.

But if he is, then the fact he has a connection to this film

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