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Comcast’s chief executive said Monday that his company was “disappointed” with the FCC’s ruling on net neutrality, but he was not willing to give up control of the broadband industry.

In a tweet, Comcast Chief Executive Brian Roberts said he believes the FCC “has been right to regulate internet providers and their behavior in a way that promotes openness, fairness and competition.”

He said the company “is committed to helping our customers, communities and businesses have access to the full spectrum of internet services” and will continue to fight for the “future of the open internet.”

In a statement on Monday, Roberts said the decision was “incompatible with the principles of net neutrality,” which are intended to promote the “freedom of expression, innovation and competition on the internet.”

“We are disappointed that the FCC has taken a side with big corporations and corporations with interests outside of the internet,” he said.

“We will continue fighting for the future of the free and open internet and will work with all of our partners to ensure that it remains the future for the internet and everyone.”

Roberts did not directly answer a question from Business Insider about whether Comcast has a stake in the outcome of the FCC decision.

But the FCC is looking into a lawsuit filed by AT&T and Verizon over the matter, and the FCC could take action in the coming days, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

The lawsuit by AT & T and Verizon alleges that the government’s decision to open the internet up to the big telecom companies is an infringement of their free speech rights and is an unreasonable burden on their customers.

“These actions threaten to undermine the very basis for the very free and democratic internet that we all depend on,” Verizon’s General Counsel and Senior Vice President for Regulatory Affairs, Craig Aaron, said in a statement in response to the FCC.

Aaron said the FCC acted appropriately by deciding that the companies’ argument was not supported by the law.

The FCC decision came as the FCC debated whether to reclassify internet providers as common carriers, which would require them to provide internet service to all Americans.

In a statement issued on Monday morning, Wheeler said that the reclassification “is not intended to harm the broadband and cable industries.

Rather, it is intended to ensure the safety and robustness of the network and to ensure we don’t need to open a gatekeeping, gatekeeping gate.”

The FCC also voted in May to allow broadband providers to create their own “fast lanes” on the Internet, in order to provide better access to their customers and reduce costs.

The decision comes amid an increasingly hostile environment for internet service providers, as the Trump administration has repeatedly threatened to gut the FCC, and it has also been accused of violating antitrust laws by favoring one particular company over others.

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