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Live stream videos of police shooting and killing people on the streets of India are often accompanied by images of bodies and dead bodies.

In this case, the videos have been shared on Twitter by an Indian man, who says he was trying to film the scene of the death of his friend, Shilpa Bhattarai.

The video has been retweeted over 500 times, and has been shared over 50,000 times.

The man, identified as Shilpam, says he has a friend, a man named Rajesh, who has a history of mental health problems and has a mental health disorder called psychosis.

Rajesh died in December, 2017, while Rajesh’s brother was on his way to work.

“I was sitting in the car when I got the call.

I saw my friend’s body lying on the road,” Shilpi says in the video.

“He was not breathing, he was not moving.

We found his body. “

We rushed to his place.

We found his body.

He had no pulse, no pulse at all.

I could not get to him because he was unconscious.”

The video is titled: Rajesh Rajesh Bhattalai died on December 20, 2017.

(YouTube/Shilpash Bhattaram) Shilpai said Rajesh had been suffering from psychosis and schizophrenia for many years, but the symptoms began to worsen when he was 18, so he took up walking to get around.

“When I got to his house, I started to shoot a video,” Shilep says.

“But when I tried to go inside, I found him already dead.

My friends and I started walking.

We saw his body on the side of the road.”

The police then came to Rajesh and shot him dead.

Shilpitam said he was at home with Rajesh when he died.

He said Rajis death was very sad and that he felt he had been abandoned by his family and friends.

“They told us he was a poor person, homeless.

I was trying not to cry because it was very hard for me to explain what happened to my friend,” Shila says.

Shilepi’s video has received more than 40,000 retweets and has more than 100,000 likes on Twitter.

“My friend, Rajesh was a very kind person, he cared for me and my family.

He never did anything against us, he never did something bad to us,” Shilla says.

Rajas death has spurred protests against the Indian police, and in December 2017, the Indian Supreme Court banned the use of live video in India, but there are a number of countries that do allow live videos on Twitter, including Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The court said live videos should be allowed if the subject’s life or safety are at risk.

Live streams are now banned in the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Tunisia.

Live video is still permitted in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

The UAE is the only country in the world to ban live video.

The Supreme Court in the UAE has also banned live videos in Egypt, Bahrain and the Palestinian territories.

There are also reports that live streams in South Africa are now illegal.

A live stream video is legal in the U.K. but the government does not allow live streaming on YouTube.

A tweet from the British Broadcasting Corporation on Thursday said live streaming will be illegal starting Jan. 1, 2018.

The British government also said in December that live streaming of a live broadcast would be illegal until Jan. 15, 2018, and that live video of a public demonstration will also be illegal in the next 12 months.

The BBC said the live video ban will be extended until Feb. 1.

“There are very strong views on live streams and they should be legal in some countries, but live streams are still very much a part of everyday life, and I think it’s time we took a stand and changed the rules,” the BBC said.

Live streaming of police violence in India is a growing trend.

Earlier this year, a video of police officers shooting and shooting at a protest was shared more than 6,000,000 time.

In May 2017, a livestream was uploaded on social media showing a woman being beaten to death by a police officer after she was detained.

Earlier in February, an Indian woman was shot and killed by a group of officers while she was trying get into a taxi in Mumbai.

Earlier, a group posted video on Facebook showing a man being hit by a car while holding his mother, sister and daughter hostage.

A video of an Indian girl being beaten with a stun gun was shared over 7,500,000.

The government banned live streaming in December and has not allowed

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